Thank you so much for a fantastic job, you did on our roof.

We knew we needed a new roof but were so afraid because we could not afford it. Well you came along and did all the work, calling our insurance company and getting us a quote for our new roof. It was a very stress free process. Your guys came out and did not make a mess having the roof replaced in 1 day. I was very pleased with the clean up and was also delighted with the skip because I was able to clear out some stuff from our garage. The skip guy came and took it all away.

I would highly recommend your company, for your honesty, reliability, and efficiency.

Thank you so much,


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you and your associates did installing a new roof on my house.I know most people probably only write you when there is a complaint. I believe in the opposite, that is encouraging good workmanship by praising people who do their job well.

My compliments to you start from the moment your workers arrived at my house. You and the workers were there on the day you specified at the time you specified. The workers proceeded to tarp my entire house before they removed the old roof, so that my light colored house was not damaged or dirtied. My neighbors as well as myself had never seen anything like it. Within hours your men had the old roof removed and all of the debris in the dumpster. Next the roofing supplies arrived, it was like a well orchestrated performance.

You installed new skylights yourself, so they were done correctly, very impressive. Within hours the new roof was on, never was there and trash or debris in my driveway or yard. The workers were diligent, and courteous, every thing they did had a purpose..

As you will recall we also had gutter and gutter covers installed. They were done on separate days by special teams that you have contracted. These men were also top professionals. We needed the job done in a hurry and you had your gutter man do all the gutters in one day, that day being Mothers Day. You gave up time with your wife to be here to make sure that the gutter installer knew exactly what to do, very impressive. The following day the gutter guard installer was out and the job was done.
Prior to the start of the job, you yourself made a great impression. I had been looking for a new roof for over a year, due to the size of our house it was a large expenditure, so I was very careful as to who would do the job. Most of the contractors we had give us an estimate were either too pushy or never got back to you. You were the perfect compromise. You answered all our questions, but did not try to push us into an immediate decision. You suggested that we go on the internet research the various brands and then give you a decision as to type shingle, color and underlayment. You helped by giving your recommendations. Not knowing anything about roofing shingles or underlayment, I took your advice.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you, I feel confident that should a problem arise that you would be there to rectify it.

Sincerely yours,
Joe & Trish
Horsham, PA

Mr. Ron Radcliffe of Rock Service, Inc. identified damage to our roof after a winter storm. He carefully explained that this roof damage was covered by our homeowner’s policy. He methodically documented the damage, obtained the insurance adjuster’s approval for complete coverage for a new roof. Ron then explained in full every detail of the project to complete this job. He explained the delivery time of materials, the time for his men to start the project, how they would protect all parts of the house and ground during the installation of the new roof, how they would do the job to upgraded standards, when they would finish the job and how they would clean up after the job. Ron delivered exactly as he said. All materials and personnel arrived on time. The roofers completed all work professionally, and cleaned up thoroughly. We are very satisfied with all his work and we recommend Ron Radcliffe and Rock Services, Inc. without any reservation.

Anne & Al